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The door to the Timeroom archives is opening!

Welcome to my portal for exclusive content made available for the first time through a monthly subscription membership. At $10 a month, Subscribers can download / stream the exclusive music below. Each month I’ll add new discoveries to the collection. (Your subscription includes the albums on this page only; it does not include my retail releases on Timeroom or Projekt.)

What to expect: I’ll personally draw from 35 years of unreleased material ranging from worldwide live concerts and rehearsals, alternate mixes and bonus material ranging from recent releases to deep catalog titles, long-form zones, lost pieces and more as its unearthed.

It is staggering, the abundance of material never heard outside the Timeroom and worthy of hearing and adding to your collection. Making it available at this point in my life moves beyond the old conventional paradigm of releasing albums in the measured slow motion ways of the past. Now is the time for these unreleased pieces of my sonic history to be heard and in your hands. Through the immediacy of digital and Bandcamp the door to the archives are opening.

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  • For $10/month, you get everything above.
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  • For $20/month, you get everything above, plus:
    At this PATRON TIER, active Patrons will receive at least 2 additional patron exclusive digital releases at points throughout the calendar year. I thank you for this direct patronage which goes towards supporting the ongoing evolution of my music and studio advancements, as well as concert expenses, new music production and so much more that goes on behind the scenes at the Timeroom HQ.
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Steve Roach Exclusive
Tucson, Arizona
The SUBSCRIBER page for Steve Roach. As a pioneering cornerstone of ambient-atmospheric-electronic music, internationally-renowned artist Steve Roach has dedicated four decades to exploring myriad soundworlds that connect with a timeless source of inspiration.


Vilmos Kopanyi
Vilmos Kopanyi thumbnail
Vilmos Kopanyi Thanks Steve! It"s wonderful to have a glimpse (audio and visual) of your treasure trove!
bigpolarbear thumbnail
bigpolarbear Love the new subscription exclusives! Thank you, Steve!
Richard Gürtler
Richard Gürtler thumbnail
Richard Gürtler Hi, Steve, & the tribe!!! I am really glad to join this community of kindred souls, really looking forward to more!!! All the best, Maestro, and greetings to all amigos!!!🙂
Nathan Youngblood
Nathan Youngblood thumbnail
Nathan Youngblood I'm so exited this is finally realized! I've seen SOME of those stacks of hand scrawled cd's and can't wait to explore more of the archeological dig and new zones here. Open the doors to the deep!
Steven Zeman
Steven Zeman thumbnail
Steven Zeman What a great idea - I'm happy and honored to support your wonderful music, which has enriched my life for the last 30 years. Looking forward to all that's to come!
Kathy Coombs
Kathy Coombs thumbnail
Kathy Coombs Love it, Steve! What a way to start the New Year! Glad to be a Patron and support what you are doing. Just love your music..

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